Kittin & Hacker – Ostbahnhof

“Ostbahnhof” is the first single of Kittin and Hacker, the creator of the Electroclash scene, upcoming album ‘Third album’. Their previous collaborations on “First Album” and “Two” include the iconic singles “1982” and “Frank Sinatra” which are anthems for the underground electroclash scene.    “Ostbahnof” is a tribute to the electronic scene and most particularly the iconic […]

FJAAK & Tobi Neumann feat. Kittin – Open The Doors

“Open The Doors” is the first track of 7th release of Spandau20, a collaboration of Berlin’s Techno duo FJAAK, the producer DJ Tobi Neumann and Miss Kittin!!! Produced during Germany’s second lockdown the message couldn’t be more clear: “Open The Doors” is more than actual after this Covid related period of closed clubs, cancelled festivals […]

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