Kittin & Hacker – Ostbahnhof

“Ostbahnhof” is the first single of Kittin and Hacker, the creator of the Electroclash scene, upcoming album ‘Third album’. Their previous collaborations on “First Album” and “Two” include the iconic singles “1982” and “Frank Sinatra” which are anthems for the underground electroclash scene.   

“Ostbahnof” is a tribute to the electronic scene and most particularly the iconic Berlin scene full of cultural references.

“It’s the story of going to an emblematic Berlin club on a Sunday afternoon. An experience as universal and unique for anyone who lives it. The narrative stops entering the dance floor, as what happens inside stays inside, pictures forbidden.”

Video produced by Kittin. Photographs by Astrid Staes.

“Ostbahnhof” available here.

“Third Album” out on March 25th.

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